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Mondscheinfahrt, Viadukt Črni Kal, Slowenien, 16. Oktober 2016
Fotograf: Marko Korošec

Schneeschauer, Molschleben (bei Gotha), 2. April 2015
Fotograf: André Bock

Cumulus humilis homogenitus, Berlin, 11. Februar 2018
Fotografin: Marion Schnee

Nadel im Nebel, Frankfurt am Main, 18. September 2017
Fotograf: Bastian Werner

Böenkragen I, Mali Lošinj, Kroatien, 24. Juli 2017
Fotograf: Sandro Puncet

Böenkragen II (Arcus), Grimmen (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), 24. Juni 2017
Fotograf: Marko Rank

Ballungsraum, Mons, Belgien, Juni 2015
Fotograf: Bastian Werner

Glänzende Aussicht, Auerberg/Allgäu, 29. Juli 2017
Fotograf: Daniel Eggert

Regenbogenquartett, Moskenesøy, Lofoten, 21. Oktober 2016
Fotograf: Carlos Castillejo

Sonnenaufgang über der Großstadt, Berlin, 4. September 2015
Fotografin: Anke Rabener

Smog über Almaty, Kasachstan, 12. Januar 2014
Fotograf: Igors Jefimovs (CC BY 3.0

Aurora, Andøya, Norwegen, 20. September 2017
Fotograf: Frank Olsen,

Wintertraum, Fichtelberg, Erzgebirge, 7. Dezember 2017
Fotografin: Claudia Hinz


published on 30. August 2018

Wall Calendar:  13 impressive photographs (42 x 29 cm) of meteorological phenomena

Texts in German and English as well as illustrations on the reverse sides on the subject of urban climate

It has been known for millennia that cities have their own climate (see the article on this page), and these days a large proportion of people live in cities.
We therefore felt that it was high time to dedicate a calendar to this topic. The calendar presents various methods for investigating the urban climate.
Two aspects that are also dealt with in detail are urban overheating (urban heat islands) and air pollution.
There are articles on the wind conditions, the impact of urban greenery and urban water bodies as well as on urban rainwater management.

The processes in the atmosphere can be depicted both emotionally as well as rationally, using mathematical and scientific methods to explain and describe them.
In three examples, the meteorologist and artist René Sauerbrei shows how both depictions can be combined together.

Postcard calendar: 12 photographs 16 x 16 cm of meteorological phenomena