Main topic: Meteorological Calendar 2023: Agrometeorology

With the main topic of the Meteorological Calendar 2023 we want to introduce you to different tasks of Agrometeorology.
Take a trip with us to Finland and read how the boreal climate affects agriculture. Amphibian conservation can also benefit from agrometeorological forecasts. And while we are on the subject of animals: Even livestock farming is not independent of weather or climate, so agrometeorology plays a role here as well. Of course, climate change must not be left out. Two articles explain its effects on crop production in general and viticulture in particular.

Wall calendar: 13 colour photos 42 x 29 cm with motifs of meteorological phenomena and on the back pages articles in German and English with illustrations on the main topic.

Postcard calendar: 12 coloured postcards 16 x 16 cm with motifs of meteorological phenomena.